Tanner + Beth

Growing up my grandmother had an entire wall filled with pictures from different stages in her life. This wall included pictures of family members I would never know and people who were incredibly dear to me. There were pictures of my grandparents as children, teenagers, as a young family, pictures of my dad and his siblings from the time they were born to adulthood, pictures of my great grandparents from when they were young. I loved to be able to share in all those different memories. To see my grandparents before I ever knew them. It didn’t matter how many times I visited thier house, I was still captured by this wall. 

The importance my grandmother placed on pictures is something that she passed down to me. I love that even though a lot of the people in her pictures were no longer living their memory was living on. I think that although not everyone enjoys having their photos taken, it is important to document your life. To have beautiful images that represent where you have been and where are you are going.

While we were in Nashville I contacted a photographer that I know to set up a small shoot while we were there. I love how the images turned out. I will always cherish the memories that were made while we were taking these pictures. I think they capture a lot of the joy and tenderness Tanner and I experience in our marriage.

Thank you She & Him Weddings for the beautiful memories!


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