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When my friends from Post Coffee Company in Lee’s Summit approached me to work on their brand identity for their new shop, Goat Hill Coffee & Soda I was thrilled! They had decided they were going to be opening a shop in the old Little Freshie space in Kansas City. I was so inspired by the space it was easy to come up with a brand that matched their style.

After I had finished the brand identity, they asked if I would be interested in painting a mural on the back wall. At first, I have to admit that I was terrified. I have never painted anything in a space that big and was worried that I would ruin the vibe of the shop. Thanks to the prompting from my husband, Tanner, I said I would do it.

I started by sketching a few different patterns, then I painted small thumbnails for them to choose from. They decided on a design fairly quickly and then the project began. I wasn’t even sure where to start, I did a lot of searching on Google and Pinterest and got to work. First, I drew out the whole pattern on the wall with pencil. I was surprised how confusing this was:) I didn’t have any colors to guide me and had to continually use the small thumbnail I had painted as a key for me to refer to.

Once everything was penciled in I started painting. I did each color on it’s own. It was really hard knowing that everyone working on getting the shop ready would see my process. You can tell from the photo below that it really didn’t look pretty in the beginning. Normally people don’t see my work in the process, so it felt like I was baring my soul to an audience.

img_7558Once I had all of the solid colors filled in, I went back and added detail to different petals and leaves. I honestly was shocked by the transformation. I thought that the wall looked pretty when it was just a flat painting, but once I added the detailing it made an incredible difference! I was so excited with how the wall turned out. It fits the space so well and I was so relieved not to have created a complete blunder. Make sure you go and see the space in person!

HUGE shout out to my friend Zach Phillips who came and helped me fill in the dark green color, which was the most used color! I couldn’t have finished it on time without him!

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